Abhishek is a developer cum blogger working more than 6 years. He loves programming especially open stack technologies. He has decent knowledge in Android development, Wordpress, MongoDB, Node.js and so on. Beside this Abhishek finds himself busy in painting, front-end designing.

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Kafka : Message Streaming using Python

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Kafka is a paltform that works with message steaming and processing. This open source platform was developed by LinkedIn and later donated it to Apache Software Foundation. It is built to speed up data stream with higher throughput and low latency. It mainly works on publish-subscribe based model. Kafka is … Read More

React Native project structure : A handsome way

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React native development doesn’t have any fixed project structure like native ones as it’s based on javascript running on the background. A good project structure keeps project clean, easy to understand for members if you are working in a team. Moreover a good practice of organizing keeps you connected with … Read More

ExoPlayer : Streaming remote video in Android

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ExoPlayer is an Android Application level Media Player by Google. It is used for playing media(both audio and video) from local or remote. In this article we will discuss how to play or stream remote video using ExoPlayer. LIBRARY SET UP for ExoPlayer First of all, we need to create … Read More

Install Referrer for Android using Google Play Campaign Measurement

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After developing and publishing any Android app we go for analytics to see different statistics like installation & uninstallation, usage, user behaviour, cohort analysis, install referrer etc. using Google Analytics. Popular apps use to advertise or run digital campaign in order to grow installation rate. When a user installs a … Read More

Android : Detect new Contact addition

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All of us have added new contact in our mobile’s address book. Sometimes developers like us have also added contacts programmatically. This article is all about detecting that new addition of a contact in contact book. Means, whenever a new contact is added in phone book, our android app will … Read More

Setting up Kotlin in Android Studio

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Kotlin is a typed programming language for JVM. This new programming language is primarily sponsored by Jetbrains (who developed IntelliJ) and now announced as the first-class language for developing android apps by the internet giant Google. It is totally interoperable with Java and now comes with Android Studio 3.0. Kotlin’s … Read More

Password visibility toggle in Android EditText

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We are familiar with password fields in any kind of application. We have also seen various apps where we can toggle password visibility while typing. In android, we use EditText with attribute ‘inputType=”textPassword”‘ in XML layout to implement password field. Question is how to implement that? Should we use some … Read More

Android Volley with example

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We know how much web API is useful while working in Mobile or Web Application. Here the term API means the interface that consists of publicly exposed endpoint for a request. This is defined in the context of HTTP-based web server. An API takes request i.e. parameters or the input … Read More

Android RecyclerView with multiple ViewHolders

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In our last article we discussed about Android RecyclerView showing how it works. But that was a simple example to start with. We saw how phone calls objects are being displayed. Now, what if we have to display multiple type of objects? For say, if we want to display messages/SMS … Read More

Android RecyclerView with example

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Android RecyclerView can be said as the extension of Android Listview with more efficiency. By the term efficiency it means RecyclerView is capable handling large set of data or list item while scrolling them. It performs great by limiting the size or number of views. It is useful while loading … Read More

Turn on GPS automatically on Android (Programmatically)

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Turn on GPS automatically? What is that? Or we have seen it in different apps like Uber, Ola etc. but how to implement that? We have seen various mobile applications want us GPS to turn on. And we proceed. First we select YES from dialog asking ‘You need to turn … Read More

FCM downstream messaging using Node.js

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In our previous article we had a discussion on Android Push Notifications using FCM. That was how we receive messages and show in front-end or device. In this article we we will discuss how to send downstream messages in Node.js using fcm node. But before that let’s see how we … Read More

Android Push Notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

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Firebase Notification is a free service by Google for sending messages to mobile devices using Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM). FCM provides an well maintained platform to send notifications that appears on the system tray of the devices. In this article we will discuss about the implementation of FCM in android devices. … Read More